The MapMyFitness API provides a comprehensive fitness platform for a community of tens of millions of users. Version 7 makes building your client application easier than ever before, and provides users of your app access to all of their MapMyFitness workouts, routes, courses, achievements, and more.

The API provides authentication and authorization via OAuth 2. Get started by following the end to end OAuth 2 tutorial in the authentication documentation.  

Requests and responses use JSON in a familiar REST1 style. Clients use standard HTTP methods -- POST, GET, PUT, DELETE -- to create, read, update, and delete server resources.

Read more about the API in the reference documentation. Authentication is next. Or dive in head first and try making API requests with the interactive documentation.

1Clients may use a familiar, colloquial REST style by building and parsing URLs from documented URL patterns and resource database IDs. More adventurous client developers might like to try using the API's HAL hypermedia controls in a strict REST style.